I am NOT a Bible Scholar!

I just want to share my experiences in reading the Bible over a 90 (actually 92) day timeframe. Most of my posts will be about how I felt about the reading or how I feel my daily life is changing. It might be interesting to you or it might not.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 91, Almost there!!!

Let me tell you...

The closer I get to the end the harder it is to finish.  I am incredibly tired and everything is distracting me!!!!!

I am determined but I have piled so much on my plate for the day I am concerned I will not be able to do it all. Because some people (who will remain nameless) don't want to stay the night at my house for the new year I have to have dinner ready at a certain time. But it is okay loved one, it is okay.

Never the less, I am a fast reader and I am reading slower as well, I think I am running into what some of my family and friends were running into.  The Word was speaking to them and they needed to take the time to understand what it was saying to them.  I told myself this couldn't happen to me I have a deadline.  LOL!  I am silly I know.

Ultimately, for me, the most important thing is that I am finished by midnight tonight. I will highlight or fold the page of all the verses that speak to me. I will look over them in the upcoming days.

To finishing on time and honoring my commitment to the Lord.

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