I am NOT a Bible Scholar!

I just want to share my experiences in reading the Bible over a 90 (actually 92) day timeframe. Most of my posts will be about how I felt about the reading or how I feel my daily life is changing. It might be interesting to you or it might not.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 18, Judge 4 - 15

I would like to thank everyone for bearing with me yesterday.  I know it didn't seem like it exactly pertained to the reading but for me it did.  From Leviticus to Deuteronomy it is repeated several times what is required of offerings and sacrifices.  I felt like that statement that gentlemen made was an affront on what Jesus is. A perfectly pure sacrificial lamb. But I realize I do not need to be a defender of God. I need to be a follower of His word and doer of His commandments.  If I live right, His light will shine through me and minister to others in ways I can not imagine. It is not my job correct another's way of thinking.  God will speak for me, He will guide my feet, and direct the work of my hands.

I am not sure if you read this blog, but I do forgive you. I hope that you forgive me.

Day 19, Judges 16 -  1 Samuel 2

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  1. Thank you for the explanation of what you were trying to relate in that post. I think that your correlation is quite profound. Don't mind the people that are so caught up in themselves that they miss seeing hat the Lord has done