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I just want to share my experiences in reading the Bible over a 90 (actually 92) day timeframe. Most of my posts will be about how I felt about the reading or how I feel my daily life is changing. It might be interesting to you or it might not.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 17 Joshua 15 - Judges 3

In my very first post, I mentioned, I was glad I didn't own a gun because I may have killed a man because of something he said about Christ. I promised to elaborate on the situation once the fury left my system. That time has come my friends. But, I am going to need your help on this one. Once you have read this post in its entirety, please comment on your thoughts. I would greatly appreciate it, and I finally figured out that I can respond to your comments. :)

The man I am speaking of is incredibly educated and resourceful. I can not deny that fact.  He also is incredibly aggressive, arrogant, and disrespectful.  I am not judging, I am making a character observation.

Almost everyone who knows me knows I am on this journey to read the Bible in 3 months. So a couple of my relatives and myself were discussing this in his presence.  He says, "Sarah, you're really into the Bible aren't you?" I reply, " Yes, but not how I should be. That is one reason why these 90 days are so important to me."

He in turn says, " Oh really?  Well let me enlighten you on something.  Tell me who Sarah's parents are. Then we are getting somewhere."

I answered, "I don't know who Sarah's mother is because the Bible doesn't mention her. But I do know that she and Abraham shared the same father."

"Open that Bible girl and look for the picture of the last supper," he said, "Tell me who is sitting at the right hand of Jesus and you will know who Sarah's parents are. Come on, you said you know the Bible." (I never said that. I said I was into the Bible but not as much as I should be.)

Someone interjected, "It was John who sat at Jesus' right hand."

"No, it was the mother of Sarah who sat at the right hand of Jesus," he said.

I was greatly confused by his statements.  How could the mother of Sarah sit next to Jesus at the last supper? It was obvious to me that who ever Sarah's mother was lived thousands of years before Jesus did. What could he possibly be referencing?  I confronted him with all of this.

His response was, "What does Sarah mean?  It means princess.  Sarah was the start of a great nation and Jesus and the woman who sat at his right hand were her parents. You know the way to keep a man ignorant is to put it in a book. The Bible doesn't tell everything."  I am enraged a this moment. I couldn't believe my ears. I had to leave the room because I felt I could explode.

While outside of the room, I heard the others talking to him, questioning him, and telling him he shouldn't talk to me anymore about the subject. They told him I took the Bible very seriously and this was not going to end well if he continued this path.

Meanwhile, I spent my needed moment outdoors to try to collect myself, but I neglected to do one thing. I didn't pray and ask the Lord to guide me. I thought about what I thought I should say.  So I walked back in with my mini speech in mind.
"Sir, you may think I am ignorant along with millions of others who believe the Bible too.  I am not naive. I do believe there may be some missing books in the Bible, but I know the Lord loves me enough to make sure that everything that is in this book is enough to secure my salvation. Yes, this book was written by man but they were under divine inspiration from the Lord. You are ignorant to believe a painting by Michelangelo ( I should have said Leonardo DaVinci because he is the actual painter) accurately depicts the last supper. But I think it is best that we keep how we feel to ourselves for the sake of peace." (Was this cowardly of me? Should I have said more or nothing at all?)

"Well, that is fine but I was just trying to enlighten you.  You said you wanted to learn about the Bible so I am just trying to tell you how the nation was created. (WHAT?) I have a degree in Religion. I know what I am talking about. But Jesus had a daughter named Sarah with the woman sitting at his right hand. The painting says it all."

I am probably squinting my eyes when I ask, " Do you think this woman is Mary Magdalene?"

He looks at me like I am an idiot and says. "No, not her she is a whore!"

In a frustrated and questionable tone, I ask, " But you are you telling me that Jesus had sex without being married? Jesus who is blameless and without sin, fornicated?"

"Yes, he was a was a man wasn't he?"

Now, I am totally finished with him, "As long as I know you I will never talk about religion with you again. How dare you say these things without any qualm. You are wrong and I can't believe you are even in the company of those I love and respect. Those who I know know better." ( I wanted to call him a blasphemer, but I am still learning exactly what blaspheming is. This seemed awfully close though) Again, I stormed out, this time crying hysterically.  I needed some scriptures to confront him with. I remembered a time when they would come to the forefront of my mind with ease. But, I let myself drift so far out of His Word that I didn't feel strong enough to even try to remember any.

At this point, I wasn't going to rejoin the group until it was time to leave but he felt inclined to come outside and speak with me. "I didn't realize you were getting so offended. I was just trying to tell you something you didn't know. I have several degrees in religion, I do believe in God.(or god I personally can't be sure)  I come from a family of ministers and bishops.  I am not a minister though I am a prophet. (He has to be joking with me but I guess he meant it because he later mentioned he could see the future.) I would like us to be able to start over. We are on good terms right?"

I sinned when I said, "Yes, we are on good terms. I forgive you." I really wanted to say, "Stay away from from family you forsaken beast."

Finally, it was time to leave and I was still very upset.  I called a confidant and told them what happened. They agreed that his comments were disturbing but I shouldn't hold it so dear because it didn't affect my relationship with the Lord. What he said didn't change the fact that Jesus died for my sins.  I understood what they were saying but I couldn't accept it.

Later that night I received an email from one of the family members that was there when everything happened.    The email read,-This is what the gentlemen was talking about I am not saying it was right or wrong-.  Attached was an article that insinuated that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a sexual relationship. Through that relationship they conceived a daughter named Sarah who supposedly started the Frankish people.  It also referenced mythology and said this story did not develop until medieval times.  Now, I am upset with the family member as well. What did they mean by they are not saying this is right or wrong? It is unequivocally wrong.

Reason #1.  The article stated that in A.D. 42 the girl (Sarah) was between 10 and 12. If A.D. started when Jesus died the girl should be 42 minimum.

Reason #2. God desires perfect offerings. Especially, the sin offering. The animal must be pure and without defect.  Jesus was our sin offering. Why wouldn't it be required for Him to be pure and without defect Holy unto the Lord?

Help me out people...


  1. Hi, I read this post and I think it's great that you are working on strengthening your walk with God! I understand you getting upset with the man, I have been known to get irritated with similar instances. Keep your faith though! :)

  2. Lol, you just couldn't let this go could you?

  3. It is human nature to protect what we love and believe. "Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath." We should also be ready to hear; each of us are ignorant concerning scripture and "history." There are many stories, myths and legends to encounter.

    Simply, this person may think everyone is ignorant who does not agree with his finding, as others may consider him/her ignorant for accepting such a find. Consider what the Bible teaches about false teachers and teachings; such is subject to happen regularly, particularly during "these hours."

    This person indicated he is educated in religion. I understand his position! Educated people believe their education certifies what they say and think (The Wizard of OZ syndrome).

    Finally, you should continue to work on the Holy reflex; prayer. We all need it, even those of us who think we know and understand. O yea, ask God to cool our temper, especially my temper.

    God bless, strengthen and build His...

  4. Sarah I have to agree with Azariah. However, he left out one thing...the educated fool. Lots of ppl can tell you things that are partially the truth but twist it to make it sound like it is some sort of law. Continue on your journey and listen to all those that give you untruths and go back and read to get an understanding of the real truth...do your research. Write it down and once you are done with your 3 month journey, go back and find the scriptures that will rebuke these untruths. I hope I am making sense.

  5. Thank you to everyone who has commented. @Kendra, thank you for stopping by. I hope you return. Thank you for the encouragement.

    @Azariah, I am still learning that prayer is the greatest weapon. I will continue to ask God to help me remember to turn to Him.

    @Rene, I understand exactly what you are saying. My goal is to have His word hidden in my heart so that I am not distracted but I can also use it to encourage others in Christ.

    Thank all of you for reading. God Bless you!